Tonehenge R&D at Cast

R&D week is over, and it was an exhausting but excellent experience. I'm going to talk through some of the breakthroughs and the pitfalls of the project, in the hope that some other theatre-maker might find this useful - or at least, interesting.For those that don't know, my show is a piece of theatre, set within a stone circle. When the performer touches one of the stones, it responds by triggering musical notes (MIDI, for the tech-minded musicians out there). It can also trigger sections or loops of pre-recorded music. This is done using Ableton Live Lite software, with Makey Makey hardware. The Makey Makey mimics a computer keyboard, and can be remapped so that the keys it mimics are more useful within Ableton. I set mine up to mimic numbers 0-9, and the notes on the computer keyboard that correspond to Ableton's musical keyboard. There are 18 slots to map, so this is quite generous. I only have 8 stones in the stone circle, so they each have two or three conductive…

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