Tonehenge: An Introduction

After my experiences in theatre, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue in that field. But continue I did, and now I have a new solo project to work on.It's called Tonehenge, and features a stone circle that creates music when touched. The stones are a metaphor for therapy, and they guide my character through three gritty stories of trauma and recovery.I'll be R&Ding the project this September at Cast in Doncaster, and, all going well, performing it next year. Currently I'm waiting on an Arts Council decision regarding funding, but the project will go ahead regardless of that decision.One thing I want to do with this R&D is document the process as much as possible. It's hard to do this in the giddy midst of a project, but even harder once it's over and the excitement has faded.Despite the R&D being next month, the project is still at an early stage. My intention is to work on music and drafts intensively over the next month. I'd initially intende…

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