Tonehenge: continued development

After R&D week, I continued to work on Tonehenge at a slower pace, rewriting and refining the script and making plans for the debut performance. I began to worry that, as my first time playing any major roles as an actor, taking on so many roles might be unwise. So I searched around for actors that would fit the bill. I decided to pre-record audio for a few characters, including a therapist and a few of the main characters' family members. The remaining "live" roles were Emily (played by me), Grace, and Aiden. Through a social group, I met a new friend called Danny who had experience of acting. Danny was delighted to take on the role of Aiden, as well as some of the pre-recorded audio roles. While I would have liked to find another actor to play Grace, there wasn't time in the end. So I played Grace as well, denoted with a wig and apron change, and a "posh" Southern accent in contrast to Emily's broad Barnsley drawl. The second half of the play was c

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