Tonehenge: Pictures

It took a herculean effort to get these pictures done in time! It's the first time I've ever designed a set, and this isn't even the full version yet. It took around two hours to build and then several hours longer to get the pictures just right. Huge thanks must go to Phil Repper at the Library Theatre where I work, who allowed me to use the theatre. I'm also grateful to my husband Brian, who took most of the photos.

I've showed them to a few people and the most common question is an incredulous "Is that you?" Yes, I can still present femme if I choose to. I'm non-binary, but I'm playing a female character here.

Once the photos were done, I spent some time getting my studio up and running, and today and yesterday I've been working on the script for Tonehenge. I also applied to be part of Cast's scratch night in October. Fingers crossed...